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Community is everything and I believe sticking together is the only way to thrive. For our social and creative wellbeing, Club Yellow offers you the opportunity to connect ONLINE and IN-PERSON with me (Natalie) and meet new creatives from all walks of life (including some of your Studio Yellow classmates).

Invest in achieving your goals with a 12-month Membership -only $100.

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Since launching my business in December 2016, I have met so many amazing people. I love getting to know you all and helping you to see your true potential. We can make promises to stay in touch, but I have seen from some of the business mentoring groups that I belong to, there is another level of engagement and support when people have paid to be part of the community. They’re invested in the overall experience and are more committed to showing up and making progress.

Studio Yellow has taught me how impactful an adult community of like-minded people can be. Having a space to ask questions, get feedback, or just see what other people are doing is incredibly helpful. This is why I have created ‘CLUB YELLOW’

Like you, I love working on my own art, but I’ll be honest, sometimes working alone gets lonely and frustrating. My family will always listen to my ideas and encourage me but when I start talking about my art, they can’t really understand the level of excitement that is inside me.

Club Yellow is a caring network of peers where you can receive mentoring and creative support.

This club offers you will have the opportunity to network in-person (at least once a month at a local café), as well as virtually in a Private Facebook Group. You will be part of an exclusive group of like-minded people so you can continue to share ideas and discuss your latest projects.

CLUB  YELLOW is for you if:

  • you feel you’d like more help so you can keep growing and expanding your creativity.
  • you want advice and suggestions about the ‘arty’ problems (or decisions) your facing.
  • you like people and want to avoid loneliness – Most art is created when alone. Even if you have a partner, they don’t always understand your ‘arty’ ideas. Networking with other creatives can be soul nurturing.
  • you like contributing your ideas to support others.
  • you need to increase your productivity, build momentum, and be held accountable to reach your full potential.
  • you want a way to uncover your blind spots, think bigger, and continue your growth as an artist.

Your 12-month Membership includes:

  • Meeting once a month for a morning tea ‘catchup’ on the last Friday of every month, 9:30 am – 11 am, excluding December. You are encouraged to bring photos and/or your artwork/s so I can help you with what you’re working on. The session will start with a ‘hot seat’ (optional of course). We will be going around the table to allow each person to ask specific questions or show their work, followed by time for informal discussions for even more peer support. We meet at various Cafes in the local area (Event details are published in the Facebook Group) so you have the option to purchase some refreshments.
  • Connecting ‘Virtually’ in the Facebook group. This is a place where you can stay in touch and share images and ideas with other group members. I will also be available for advice to help solve your ‘arty’ dilemmas and keep you on track for success. Even if you don’t want to ask questions or share your work/ideas, just scrolling through this Facebook group can give you the good vibes you need to get back on track in your home studio.
  • Invitations to other eventsand in-person gatherings on weekdays, weekends and evenings.


CLUB YELLOW is about being part of a community, so you can feel motivated, and be inspired, even on your worst days.

With the COVID restrictions that we have all had to endure, I’m sure you’ll agree that it is more important than ever to be getting out, joining a community, and investing in your growth.


For only$10 per month, Club Yellow gives you the opportunity to:

  • Meet regularly with me, face-to-face, to ask questions, and receive feedback about your artwork.
  • Make new friends and talk about what artworks they’re making.
  • Keep your ties with past Studio Yellow class members.
  • Be first to hear about what’s happening behind the scenes at Studio Yellow.
  • Discuss what’s working and what isn’t with your own art projects.
  • Share ideas to grow your creativity and develop faster with less left up to ‘trial and error’.
  • Stay motivated and build momentum by bringing your work to show each month.
  • Get feedback from members who have already had a go at what you’re doing, so you can skip all the indecision and figuring things out. Imagine, you will have not only me to ask for advice, but all the others too.


With Club Yellow, I want to make sure that, regardless of whether you’re currently enrolled in one of my classes or not, the community aspect of Studio Yellow is accessible to everyone who has plans to live a more creative life and nurture good mental health.

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