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How does it feel in the class?

"Natalie’s Art Therapy classes at Studio Yellow are indeed different from other art classes I’ve attended. It is more about the creative process which allows for reflection and self-expression. I have found myself trying out new techniques and mediums and freeing myself up, as well as reflecting on the whole art process with surprising results. . I am feeling more confident and calmer in myself - I will be back for more next term. Thank you, Natalie."
Tina M​

Art Mentoring

If you are preparing for a show, or want to produce quality art to show off to friends and family, this weekly program is for you. Individual mentoring, and learn from friends in the group too.
This is an 8-week program run each term

Paint 'n' Sip

Relax with friends, or meet new people, while I show you the steps to take to feel like a true artist. You’ll get to chat, sip and follow along so that by the end of the session everyone will have a colourful, self-painted artwork to hang on the wall.

Art Workshops

Choose from different one-off workshops on usually held on Saturdays each term. Weekdays during school holidays or for group bookings. For all levels from absolute beginners to experienced artist, it's a great way to meet new friends

Private lessons or Group Events

You can have tailored workshops to meet group wants and needs of individuals or family and friends

Splat 'n' Chat (with Nat)

CONNECTING with other creative people and scheduling in time fortnightly to catch up with friends. You can work on your own ideas in a supportive session with tips from Nat to keep you on track.

Art Therapy

We are not powerless. There are definite things we can do to help ourselves feel better, more settled and regulated, even on the most wobbly of days.

Gift Vouchers

Do you know someone who is always talking about trying new things? This is the perfect gift for them. You can even select the amount that matches the classes you want to go to as a nice little hint.

Corporate Workshops

Great for building work relationships if a fun and safe environment

Online Classes

Can't get to our studio? We don't want you to miss out, so we also have classes for you. Live classes so you can ask questions as you go, plus tips and questions asked in the studio too.

“These classes are first class! Natalie is a delightful, friendly teacher who is informative and encouraging."
“I found the activities so relaxing and enjoyable. I’ve been reminded of past art activities that I did as a child which I enjoyed doing. I learned new techniques and feel more positive than when I started.”
“I’ve learned so much. These classes have opened my mind. The activities are easy to follow and Natalie gives you so much confidence.”
"What a great interactive program for my Mother-in-law and myself to work through. It really involves all the senses.”

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