4-Week Art Mentoring Program

My Art Mentoring Program is about combining the very best elements of the art curriculum I have taught in schools over my career with the knowledge I have gained through my life experiences as a Wife, Mother, Artist, Art Teacher, Art Therapist, and Widow.

Signing up for weekly sessions help you to make that regular commitment to a life-changing habit as well as form new friendships.

You’ll be learning Art to love life.

My art-journaling style program gives you the opportunity to ‘taste test’ a wide variety of different media to build Art skills and Art confidence. As your mentor, I will show you how to develop a creative mindset by creating pages of ideas and “samplers” that can be used to inspire large works later.

The journaling format also means you’ll make more art in less time AND because a journal takes up less space, you can easily continue your new passion at home. You can even work on your lap when the kids are awake!!


My tried and tested program will help you overcome anxiety and fears. I have loads of experience teaching all ages and all stages. When your confidence builds, so will your artworks. Your Journal will become a valuable resource as you explore and record ideas using colours, shapes and patterns.

I’ll show you how to be in touch with your life and all that’s happening in it. Together, we will reflect on all that is still good in the world and everything to be grateful for. This can be extremely powerful now and in the future when you’re having a particularly challenging week or if you’re going through a bigger rough patch (we all have them – You know that saying… “it never rains but it pours!”).

Benefits for you

The “magic” is in how I teach art to reach the very foundations of the human psyche, which gains long-term benefits:

What you will do...

The Art Mentoring Program is portable, personal and do-able. Continue at home in as little as 10 mins a day to nurture good mental health and unplug from technology.

Natalie Lynch

Artist and Mentor

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I am a bachelor qualified art educator who has a wealth of experience in teaching adults and children of all ages so I can tailor my classes to meet your individual needs to help you feel relaxed and supported every step of the way. 

Studio Yellow is the culmination of a long-held desire, to help adults, connect with their own creativity and develop the skills and confidence needed to make art and nurture good mental health. 

Studio Yellow caters for all levels. I can help the most tentative of beginners take that very first step toward art-making or inspire those with some experience to further develop the skills you already have.

Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. (Albert Einstein)

It’s time to find your purpose!

When you have completed at least one term of the Art Mentoring Program you will be invited to become a member of Club Yellow

Community is everything and I believe sticking together is the only way to thrive. For our social and creative wellbeing, Club Yellow offers you the opportunity to stay connected with me and your classmates (and meet new creatives from the other Art Mentoring groups).

Club Yellow is a caring network of peers where you can continue to receive creative support and mentoring.

You will have the opportunity to network in-person, once a month, as well as virtually in a Private Facebook Group with this exclusive group of like-minded people so you can continue to share ideas and discuss your latest projects.

“I have tried a few art classes since leaving school, but I loved that Studio Yellow is a small, intimate group with a really positive feel. The workshop I attended was a fantastic experience and I can’t wait to use my new skills at home and at work. Natalie has provided me with a certificate of participation, so I am able to claim 4 hours of Professional Development. I love my painting and had such fun today that I will definitely be back for another class.”
Rachell P (Primary School Teacher)

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Exciting News

I am currently taking some extended Family Leave to spend time with my brand new grandchild. To be updated, when the 2022 timetable is released, please sign up here for my newsletter.

For specific inquiries, email and I will be in touch ASAP.